All 15 founders on Zoom with the Leap team (& their pets) during our 3rd Bootcamp for pet care startup founders who identify as female and/or as a person of color.

Elena Dede (left) and George Chorevas (right), co-founders of Woof Together.

Toletta team members! Saya Negoro (top left), Ken Takagi (top right), Koji Hori (bottom left), and Keiji Matsumoto (bottom right).

Damien Clarkson, Judy Nadel, Russell White, and Michiel van Deursen, co-founders of THE PACK (from left to right).

Founder of The Bark Shoppe, Melissa Mitchner.

Adrian Archie, founder of petNmind, with his two pups.

Garrett Wymore (left) and Caroline Buck (right), co-founders of Petaluma.

Gaston Dedieu (left), María Nougués (center), and Gonzalo Sisack Novillo (right), co-founders of Oliver Pets.

Dr. Kate Mezan (left) and Nayoung Susie Kim (right), the co-founders of Highfive Vet Wholesale, with their dogs!

Leap Venture Studio & Academy

A smarter world for pets & their people starts here. Partnership between Michelson Found Animals and Kinship, a division of Mars Petcare.

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