Elena Dede (left) and George Chorevas (right), co-founders of Woof Together.

Toletta team members! Saya Negoro (top left), Ken Takagi (top right), Koji Hori (bottom left)…
Damien Clarkson, Judy Nadel, Russell White, and Michiel van Deursen, co-founders of THE PACK (from…
Garrett Wymore (left) and Caroline Buck (right), co-founders of Petaluma.

Gaston Dedieu (left), María Nougués (center), and Gonzalo Sisack Novillo (right), co-founders of Oliver Pets.

Dr. Kate Mezan (left) and Nayoung Susie Kim (right), the co-founders of Highfive Vet Wholesale…

Leap Venture Studio & Academy

A smarter world for pets & their people starts here. Partnership between Michelson Found Animals and Kinship, a division of Mars Petcare.

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