Applications Open for Leap Venture Academy Fellowship for Underrepresented Pet Care Startup Founders: Europe 2022

FAQ for Founders

What do you mean by underrepresented?

If my company is based outside of Europe, but we want to launch in that market, are we eligible to apply?

How are you making decisions on who can attend?

When will I know if I’ve been accepted?

Is there a fee?

What is the format of the week?

What is the time commitment? Do I have to attend everything?

What type of company is the Fellowship right for?

How many people from my team can attend?

Is the program better suited for ventures in certain pet care sectors?

Do we sign non-disclosure/non-compete agreements?

Does getting into the Fellowship mean I’ll get into the Leap Venture Studio accelerator program?

If I don’t attend the Fellowship program, will I not be accepted into the Leap Venture Studio?

Do we have to give up equity to attend?

Will there be funding?



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Leap Venture Studio & Academy

Leap Venture Studio & Academy

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