• Paula Lima

    Paula Lima

    Student Veterinary Nurse 🐾🇬🇧 I write about society, science, mental illness and animals (pets and wildlife).

  • Debbie Saunders

    Debbie Saunders

    London-based management consultant specialising in strategic marketing, branding & customer strategy. Former ballet dancer, and dance aficionado.

  • Klambdvm


  • Yuhta Ohashi

    Yuhta Ohashi

  • Morgan Coulter

    Morgan Coulter

    I’m just curious.

  • sylvia heisel

    sylvia heisel

    former fashion designer building play experiences for dogs and their humans. wearables, 3D printing, and sustainability

  • Hikmet Coskun

    Hikmet Coskun

  • Maev


    We’re on a mission to make dog care easier.

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