Is the Pet Care Industry Becoming Cat Curious?

There is more to the virtual orange tabby slithering down pipes and navigating through an abandoned city in the latest video game breaking the Internet. The attention that “Stray” has brought to feral cats and shelters indicates how much people adore cats. Felines not only make great pets, but they are also quite low maintenance. Historically seen as elusive and mysterious, cats have grown in popularity to become the number one pet during the pandemic in Europe. Feline furballs are lovable companions, but they can be difficult to read — this makes cat parenting a bit more complex.

Evolutionarily, cats are predisposed to hide their pain and signs of weakness. This approach helped cats survive longer in the wild, but today this means it’s harder for their humans to identify discomfort. Contrary to popular belief, cats are not entirely self-sufficient. They are social beings and depend on their owner for not only food, but also attention. To make cat-parenting less complex, there is a need to decode signs and signals that can tell us more about what our purr-pal is experiencing. To bridge this gap, innovation leaders are coming up with new solutions to solve cat-parenting challenges; and Leap Venture Studio is leading the way.

Here are some of the most innovative cat-focused companies from our Leap network:

Leap Venture Studio

Leap VentureStudio & Academy has been supporting pet care startups since 2018. Launched as a partnership between Michelson Found Animals and Mars Petcare, Leap is focused on springboarding early-stage startups working on innovative solutions for pets and their people. Through its accelerator and pre-accelerator programs, Leap has impacted over x startups globally. Several of these startups are leading innovations to improve the health and well-being of cats and make parenting felines a catwalk.

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