Is the Pet Care Industry Becoming Cat Curious?

  • Basepaws (Torrance, CA) is a cat health and genetics company, helping cat parents know their cats inside and out.
  • CATalyst Council (Annapolis, MD) brings shelters, veterinarians, and pet industry stakeholders together with health-centric initiatives and programs for the betterment of companion cats.
  • Dezi & Roo (Marietta, GA) brings outdoor adventures to indoor cats with exceptional products that are made in the USA. Dezi & Roo toys are unique, innovative, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Dr Mew (Delray Beach, FL) has created the world’s first cat toilet, called Catbox.
  • Katio (Atlanta, GA) is a cat litter box that goes in your window — just like a window A/C unit, solving the common issues like litter box placement, odor control, and containing litter spread.
  • Meowtel (San Francisco, CA) allows cat-owners to reserve an in-home cat sitter who is vetted and insured.
  • Moggie (London, UK) has created a smart-collar for cats that allows for tailored guidance & instructions to take better care of your cat.
  • Natusan (London, UK) delivers sustainable cat litter to the whole of mainland UK, reducing cat litter waste going to landfill by 51%.
  • Tabby — The Cat Person’s Dating App (Los Angeles, CA) is the best way for cat lovers and cat owners to find a compatible match and plan cat-friendly dates.
  • Toletta Cats Inc. (Kanagawa, Japan) is the IoT cat litter box from Japan that can monitor your precious cats 24/7.
  • Wildcat (San Francisco, CA) creates hyper-functional and versatile cat products that create joy and beauty in the home. Launching in 2020, their products are inspired by colors and forms found in nature, as a way to bring the outdoors in for cats to enjoy.
  • Cat in a Flat (London, UK) makes it easy to find a local, trusted cat sitter in your neighborhood.



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